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- Велотрусы Cafe Du Cycliste Marinette Antracite

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Летние велотрусы, сочетающие первоклассный памперс Cytech pad, непревзойденный комфорт и современный стиль.

Marinette - высокопроизводительные велотрусы для тренировок в любых условиях. Являясь частью цветной коллекции, сочетаются с любой ktnytq велоджерси Cafe Du Cycliste


The litmus test for any bib shorts is the chamois. Marinette, along with all our other shorts, use the very best available, a top of the range  Designed for ultimate comfort, they are built using the latest technology and materials to enable each and every ride to go off smoothly.

Marinette match the premium chamois with equally premium fabrics to product a short which strikes exactly the right balance between stretch and support. The bib section is constructed from two variable types of mesh, open and closed, to provide a constantly stable fit and ensure the exceptional comfort continues across every touch point.

The laser cut grippers are constructed from the same core fabric to continue the modern contemporary styling while silicon beads ensure that the legs stay firmly in place, no matter how great the pace. Reflective elements add visibility in poor or low light conditions.

Colour Collection Cycling Shorts
Premium Pad
Mesh Bib Section
Modern Styling

XS    <78    <84    <78
S    78-81    84-91    78-80
M    81-87    91-95    80-83
L    87-91    95-100    83-86
XL    91-95    100-107    86-90
XXL    >95    >107    >90

To keep all of your apparel looking its best, please follow the care instructions on the garment. As our products are made from the highest quality materials, special care will also guarantee a long life.

Machine Wash
Do Not Tumble Dry
Do Not Iron
Do Not Dry Clean
Do Not Bleach

71% Polyamide | 29% Elastomere
Colour Collection Piece
Premium Chamois
Stretch & Support
Mesh Bib Section
Reflective Elements
Silicon Beaded Grippers
UPF 50+ UV-Protection
Made in Europe

Because the chamois is so important, we only use the very best.

All our pads are top of the range, premium pieces supplied by the Italian company CyTech, the acknowledged worldwide leader. Their Elastic Interface Technology is the result of innovation and rigorous testing - scientific research that has lead not only to advances in the understanding of posture and pressure points but also to the creation of exclusive fabrics and revolutionary foams.

Each pad is carefully chosen, features 360 degrees elasticity designed to follow the rider’s movements and combines maximum protection, full breathability and unrivalled comfort in the saddle.

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